June 04, 2020

Suggested Friends: Turtle Taxi

London indie pop Suggested Friends have taken a break from being a band, but before they went on hiatus they released their second album Turtle Taxi, filled with songs about baby swans (Cygnets), impending doom (The Apocalypse (It's Just A Day Away)) and reality checks (Pretty Soon Your Grave Will Be A Landfill). Talking cues from Nineties college rock, English folk, and New Wave they serve up a collection of happy-sad songs that will be championed by the staff of independent record stores.

Turtle Taxi is an album for outsiders and insiders. With its on point observations, lo-fi but effective sound it's destined to be an underground favourite, an epithet that is a guarantee for longevity. Suggest it to your friends who are serious about music.

Suggested Friends:
Christabel: drums, percussion, vocals
Emma: bass, percussion, vocals
Faith: guitar, vocals, piano, synth, ukulele, percussion
Jack: guitar, percussion, vocals
Owen Turner: trumpet on 'The Apocalypse'
Meghan Butt: wooden toad on 'Turtle Taxi'

Turtle Taxi is released via Fika Recordings (UK) and Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records (USA).

  1. Imminent
  2. Cygnets
  3. The Apocalypse (It's Just A Day Away)
  4. G.N.A
  5. At Ease
  6. Turtle Taxi
  7. Pretty Soon Your Grave Will Be A Landfill
  8. Blooms
  9. For Jokes
  10. Magnolia

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