June 01, 2020

PLNT9: Oribiter

LA based rock trio PLNT9 are ready for the next step with their first EP, Oribiter. The included tow of their previously released singles, On Your Own and Sunsuit, and added three brand tracks that hit hard.

Howling feedback will scare off the uninitiated before Harvest properly starts, while the heavy-handed psych rocker Wendigo and the pounding Yeti Sky will earn them a thumbs up from Soundgarden fans. The US West Coast has always been a fertile breeding ground for metal in all its guises and these guys are adamant to keep it alive with their own brand of crunchy loudness. Turn it up and make sure to roll down the windows when you blast it from your car stereo.

Alex Archon: vocals, bass
Milan Zivkovic: guitars
Chuck Mckissock: drums

Oribiter is a self-released EP. Release date: June 5.

  1. On Your Own
  2. Harvest
  3. Sunsuit
  4. Wendigo
  5. Yeti Sky

» plnt9.com

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