June 10, 2020

Fervid: Break Up

Dutch rock quartet Fervid followed the rules for making an album about a nasty end to a relationship: anger, grief, failing to understand why, getting closure, it's all there. Break Up is together with in basic riffs, with a few prog, New Wave, and grunge vignettes. The stand-out track She Knows I'm Right packs the punch they are trying to get on tape, with a slowed down chorus hammering home the message.

This band has been chewing at the bit for a couple of years now, getting closer to recording the sounds they are hearing inside their heads. It's a slow process, but Break Up is an album that is pointing in the right direction. Give them another year or so and they will get it right.

Pascal Derogee: bass, vocals
Steef Rademarker: guitar
Otto van Gemert: guitar, vocals
Casper Rosenquist: drums, percussion, vocals

  1. I Would Do Anything for You
  2. buy track
  3. Break Up
  4. Still on My Own
  5. Poison Eyes
  6. My Nature
  7. She Knows I'm Right
  8. A Walk on My Own
  9. Fantastic Rules for Fantastic People
  10. I Don't Understand You
  11. Immune
  12. American
  13. The Wave
  14. The Meeting
  15. Lose Myself Again
  16. Nowhere to Turn

Break Up is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

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