June 15, 2020

AXLS: First Contact - The Game

English synth-pop trio AXLS have unveiled First Contact The Game, as a companion for their debut album, "reviving the almost lost art of recording a concept album. First Contact is a haunting collection of Eighties-inspired Sci-Fi songs".

Are you ready to take on aliens and save the Earth? Help Alias defend humanity against the Boneships, only you have what it takes.

First Contact: The Game' is a free to play game which takes inspiration from the classic retro era of video games. It places the player directly in the action of our story as they take on the alien enemies in their ‘Boneships’, all set to tracks from the album. The enemies slowly get more persistent as the game goes on and you will eventually meet the boss – mother Boneship (as seen featured on our album art)!

Play First Contact The Game here. Note: it only works on desktops, not on phones and tablets.

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HCTF review of First Contact.

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