May 11, 2020

The Corner Laughers: Temescal Telegraph

Californian power pop quartet The Corner Laughers always had a healthy dose of folk into their songs. The band's songwriter and singer is a versatile ukulele player and this instrument is all over the songs on their new album Temescal Telegraph. Nature in all its facets and the passing of time are the main themes, with optimism and genuine worries playing catch. Changeling and The Accepted Time are like two sides of the coin, with the former being the younger version of the latter. They revisited two songs from Karla Kane's King's Daughters Home For Incurables, The Lilac Line and Skylarks of Britain, giving them the full band treatment and enhancing the latter with an extended psychedelic coda.

Temescal Telegraph has West Coast written all over it, with its bright sound and crystal clear production. Accessible yet intricate and thoughtful songs, whose layers become more clear and mesmerizing after each listen - the musical equivalent of a kaleidoscope.

The Corner Laughers:
Karla Kane: lead vocals, ukulele, percussion
Khoi Huynh: piano, bass, guitars, backing vocals, percussion
KC Bowman: guitars, bass, keyboards, backing vocals, percussion
Charlie Crabtree: drums, percussion
Guests: Rex Broome (percussion, 2), Octavia Kane (keyboard, 5), Bradley Skaught (drums and percussion, 8), Gina Sperinde (harmony vocals, 8), Jeri Sykes (woodwinds, 9)

Temescal Telegraph is released via Big Stir Records. Release date: June 5.

  1. The Calculating Boy
  2. Changeling
  3. The Accepted Time
  4. The Lilac Line
  5. Loma Alta
  6. Sisters of the Pollen
  7. Wren in the Rain
  8. Goodguy Sun
  9. Skylarks of Britain
  10. Lord Richard

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