May 05, 2020

HCTF premiere - Black Friars Social Club: Ballad of a Jr Hitman (lyric version)

Black Friars Social Club is a project based in Chicago founded by singer and songwriter Mark Panick. The members share a love for folk music. Their first single, Ballad of a Jr Hitman, is a tribute to Panick's brother, who was part of kids gang in the Windy City: “When Jay was in 6th grade he had this kid gang, they called themselves The Jr Hitmen and they had it printed on the back of their Members Only jackets. We never let him live that shit down. Jay understood the southside Chicago habit of derision as an expression of love”.

The sad and beautiful melody gets stuck in your head instantly, as if the vibe of the Irish pub where the band founded, wanted to be preserved the music. The bar was owned by a fireman and it burned down... The animated video was put together by visual artist Blair Gauntt and filmmaker David Anderson.

Black Friars Social Club:
Mark Panick: vocals, guitar
Curtis Ruptash: bass, stand up bass
Michael Blair: assorted percussion, splinks & splonks, bells, stylus
Max Crawford: accordion, coronet, toy piano
Chloe Orwell: vocals
Jackie Rae Daniels: fiddle
Andon Davis: guitar
Heidi Serwer: vocals
Danny Shaffer: guitar

The self-titled album will be released on May 12th and is available for ore-order here.

» The Black Friars Social Club on Facebook

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