April 08, 2020

High on Stress: Hold Me In

Minneapolis alternative country rockers High on Stress folded in 2014, but reformed in 2018. Their new album Hold Me In is business as usual: brimming with smart melodic turns and melancholic lyrics to boot, and taking swipes at the powers that be and fake news in the stand-out track Wish This Moment Gone, with Laurie Lindeen's guest vocals as an added bonus.

They are one of those band thgt for reasons unknown never make it big, but they don't care about that. Relax is a no-brainer for the encore, when they can resume playing live again some day : "When you something to say, you better say it out loud". Razor sharp guitar driven alt-rock that fans of The Replacements and Wilco can relate to.

High on Stress:
Nick Leet: vocals, guitar
Mark Devaraj: drums
Jim Soule: bass guitar, backing vocals
Chad Wheeling: guitar, organ

Hold Me In is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. Work Release
  2. Klonopin and Alcohol
  3. Dakota
  4. Never Got That Far (featuring Andrew Hyra)
  5. Life Can Get So Long
  6. Wish This Moment Gone (featuring Laurie Lindeen)
  7. Relax
  8. Daylight Instead
  9. Progress is a Busted Line
  10. Hold Me In
  11. Stop Right There
  12. 8 Track Song

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