April 13, 2020

Captain Wilberforce: When The Dust Just Won't Settle

English indie rockers Captain Wilberforce have a knack for gentle yet powerful songs. Their new album When The Dust Just Won't Settle tackles loneliness, trying to fix relationships heading for disaster, the weather and much, much more. Their previous albums have garnered them lots of praise, drawing favourable comparisons with esteemed songwriters like Elvis Costello, Ray Davies and Alex Turner. The Leeds band can make feeling down sound good, adding piano and trumpet to their songs that are most definitely inspired by Sixties pop, with multi-layered vocals as the icing on the cake.

Captain Wilberforce make a plea for the right to make mistakes or fuck up massively, admitting they got it wrong from the start in songs like I Think That She Knows and I'm The Fool. The superb The View From An English Breakfast is a nod to the early days of glam rock guitar, with a seasoning of psychedelica and Beach Boys-influenced harmonies. When The Dust Just Won't Settle is an album in the classic sense of the format: twelve songs that should be played in one sitting. Recommended if you like The Foreign Films.

Captain Wilberforce:
Si Bristoll: vocals, guitars
Carl Banks: drums
Rob Simpson: guitar
Massimiliano Borghesi: bass

When The Dust Just Won't Settle is a self-released album. Buy it (CD, digital) from their website.

  1. Sad Machine
  2. The Last Dance is Over
  3. The View From An English Breakfast
  4. I Think That She Knows
  5. I'm The Fool
  6. The Finest Excuses
  7. We Don't Know Anything
  8. Silence Echoes
  9. When It Rains
  10. Like It Never Happened
  11. Green, Unpleasant Land
  12. Take Me Home To The Moon

Their scheduled promo tour is not happening for obvious reasons. Listening party on April 26th on their Facebook page: "streaming each song, with the opportunity to chat to the band, ask questions, and win prizes".

» captainwilberforce.com

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