March 17, 2020

Eddie Kramer’s Drum Sound Secret

Luke DeLalio tells the story of how he tried to make sense of Eddie Kramer's mic set-up for getting a great drum sound:

If you don’t know who Eddie Kramer is… he recorded Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin — enough said, right? In the late 60’s, using maybe four microphones, a pair of compressors and whatever EQ was on the console at that time — we are not talking about sweepable parametric eq’s or anything like that — think high and low shelving and that’s it — Eddie Kramer managed to invent rock drum sounds. And rock guitar sounds.

SO… the God of Rock Drum Sounds was in Heaven cutting an album… and he locked the doors and wouldn’t let anyone in. The word got around that he didn’t want anyone to see his drum mic set-up. It was super secret. Even the main studio assistant, Jim, wasn’t allowed into the main live room where the drums were.

» Eddie Kramer on Wikipedia

(Thanks: Triple-B)

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