March 09, 2020

Daniel Ruiz: A Little Song for You

Barcelona based singer-songwriter Daniel Ruiz has a knack for writing sad love songs. His latest is called A Little Song for You and while it starts out as a happy tale, the protagonist ends up lonely - and quite possibly mad: "So now I find myself in darkness, where I can’t see the orchids bloom // Locked up in some maniac’s basement, chained to a replica of the Moon // In each crater there’s a mirror and she lights some candles every noon // Brings me food almost every Wednesday, except for when I ask about // You".

Ruiz played piano and a bit of keyboards to add texture, his voice almost a drawl. Saxophone player Arnau Abadal comes in near the end, with a choice late jazz solo.

The Velvet Lynx is a self-released single. Buy it from his website. The song will be included on his upcoming full-length Diamond Fanged Black Feline.

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HCTF review of The Velvet Lynx.

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