February 09, 2020

Thyla: Everything at Once

photo: Sapphire Needham

Brighton based indie quartet Thyla are all about building dense walls of sound on their Everything at Once EP. Singer Millie Duthie is left to her own devices to climb them, while singing her heart out. They only take a breather during December, a consolation for Duthie's sister, who went through some very serious emotional issues.

Thyla have a tendency to bite off more than they can chew, but kudos for their unabated enthusiasm and passion. They have listened closely to their predecessors, most notably Echo & The Bunnymen and Texas. The successful to climb to Lenox Hill is proof that post-punk as a genre is still alive and kicking.

Millie Duthie: vocals, guitar
Mitch Duce: guitar
Dan Hole: bass
Danny Southwell: drums

Everything at Once is a self-released EP. Stream it from he usual digital outlets.

  1. Two Sense
  2. Lenox Hill
  3. December
  4. Everything

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