February 17, 2020

Honey Lung: Be My Friend

Fuzzy shoegaze quartet Honey Lung wave their lo-fi flag on their new single Be My Friend, while they tackle existentialism and youthful uncertainty about trying to impress someone in the lyrics - timeless subjects served on a plate of scuzzy guitars and in-your-face bass and drums. Singer Jamie Batten insist it's all ironic and a bit of fun. Yeah, right. The London band make feeling down sounding quite good.

Honey Lung:
Jamie Batten: vocals, guitar
Harry Chambers: guitar
David Sherry: bass
Omri Covo: drums

Be My Friend is released via Big Scary Monsters.

Live dates:
  • 02/19 The Grace, London
  • 07/31 Truck Festival, Hill Farm

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