February 12, 2020

Ella van der Woude: Solo Piano

photo: Nick Helderman

Swiss-Dutch composer Ella van der Woude lived in a tiny house (only 15 square meters) in Amsterdam for a couple of years. Somehow she managed to fit a piano in there and record an album. Solo Piano is a love letter to this cramped, but cozy place. When listening closely some of the noises from the bustling city can be heard as well, as she laid down her intricate compositions during her late night recording sessions.

Van der Woude's touch is always gentle and confident, playing softly as not to disturb the neighbours. She captures the various moods that came to her mind as she contemplated moving on to another, bigger place of residence. Solo Piano flows at a leisurely,pace an album that should be listened to in one, undisturbed sitting. It is an update of the classic Romantic approach, with forays into modern classical music. Recommended if you like Wouter Dewit.

Solo Piano is released via Snowstar Records (vinyl, CD, digital). Comes with a reproduction of the handwritten score for Bye Bye Little House. Release date: February 14.

  1. Bye Bye Little House
  2. Prélude Au Réveil d’Une Ville
  3. Fear of Sleep
  4. Strange Dreams
  5. Drops
  6. Sol Mineur
  7. Summer Boredom
  8. Low
  9. Recessional
  10. Adieux

Release party / nightly musical walk

On February 13 Solo Piano can be listened to during a nightly musical walk in Amsterdam. Come to the Roode Bioscoop at 20.00.

» ellavanderwoude.com

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