February 12, 2020

Close Lobsters: stream three songs from new album "Post Neo Anti: Arte Povera in the Forest of Symbols"

Scottish jangling rockers Close Lobsters have waited 31 years to come up with a their third full-length album. Post Neo Anti: Arte Povera in the Forest of Symbols will be released by Last Night From Glasgow (UK) and Shelflife Records (USA) on February 28. They started recording in 2014, during one of their short-lived reformations, but now they are back and they intend to stay. Three more tracks can be streamed: Johnnie, Bird Free and Godless.

Like the lead single All Compasses Go Wild the songs are knee-deep in Eighties New Wave, thanks to producer John River, the same guy who held oversaw the recording of their first album Foxheads Stalk This Land.

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