January 07, 2020

STASJ: Lullaby for the Overdrive

Dutch singer and guitarist STASJ has released a new song: Lullaby for the Overdrive, the first new material since the release of her album Soft Forces in 2018. It is a dark, intense blend of avant-electronics, a bit of prog, post-rock, and of course her vocal range, urging the listener to take control and set firm boundaries.

Stefanie Janssen: vocals guitar, keys
Erik Drost: guitar, bass
Robbie van Reen: electronics, beats

The clip was directed by Kyllian Hazes.

Live dates;
  • 01/19 Nijmegen, Netherlands @ Trianon
  • 04/18 Ede, Netherlands @ Astrant

» stasj.world

HCTF review of Soft Forces.

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