January 15, 2020

Seattle Stomp: Maudlin Madness

When you run your own boutique label like musician Alex Molica it is no-brainer to release an album yourself. Maudlin Madness by his one-man project Seattle Stomp is a fuzzy lo-fi collection of songs, on which garage punk and acoustic grunge collided to create an update of the sound of Jonathan Richman and Syd Barrett.

Recorded at Noisy Chairs in Bloomington, Indiana, he tackles anxiety, being on the road, the death of his brother, and turns the classic fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood into a sexy come hither song while he is at it. This is an album that would have been championed by John Peel, had he been still alive. Let's hope a tape find its way to the desk of Iggy Pop's BBC 6 radio show as the next best thing. Mentioning the Ann Arbor, Michigan, connection won't hurt.

Maudlin Madness is released via Crush Grove Records (cassette, digital).

  1. Anxious Thoughts
  2. January
  3. Great Unknown
  4. Denver Song
  5. Little Red Riding Hood
  6. No Idea
  7. Power Jam Situation
  8. Mon Frere

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