January 10, 2020

Jack Poels: debut solo album "Blauwe Vear" in March; stream "Elf oaver elf"

Jack Poels, the leader of Dutch Americana band Rowwen Hèze, will release his debut solo album Blauwe Vear on March 27. In a change of pace from the Text-Mex and polka commonly associated with his band, it will be mostly acoustic, with just his guitar and voice as the main instruments. As per usual he sings in the Limburg dialect, the language of his native province. Lead single Elf oaver ef is a tribute to the clock of the church tower he has taken pictures of countless times over the years. The idea came to him after hearing Virginia May by Gregory Alan Isakov:

"In the Virginia May lyrics I read about a searchlight, a beacon. Then I thought of the pictures I have been taking here for years in my garden, of the church in our village. The view is always there, under all weather conditions. I walk through the village in the shadow of the church tower and at night on the way back home I look up to see what time it is. When I travel I try to catch a last glimpse of it from the train. That tower is a beacon, rain or shine. It makes time stand still, preferably on eleven past eleven.

Elf oaver elf is released via Snowstar Records. The Blauwe Vear album (vinyl, CD, digital) is available for pre-order. Release date: March 27.

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