January 13, 2020

HMLTD: West of Eden

London art-rock quintet HMLTD serve a full-course meal on their debut album West of eden. Over the top glam-rock, post-punk, dance, vaudeville and psych-pop are clamoring for a place in the spotlights in a carefully sequenced bunch of tracks: the Devil popping up in all his guises, hedonism, dressing up for a night on the town and celebrating life like there is no tomorrow. Eccentricity as a guiding light and haters be damned. Not Paradise Lost, but paradise right fucking now, as the world's balance of powers is changing and drifting off to uncharted waters.

They took the wildest party bits of every decade since the Seventies and made a highly entertaining album that is quintessentially English: witty, quirky, and pretty damn smart. Traditional concepts of what is right or wrong are questioned and ridiculed. A distorted mirror to gaze at in wonder.

West of Eden is a released Lucky Number Music (vinyl, CD, digital). Buy it from their website. Release date: February 7.

  1. The West Is Dead
  3. The Ballad of Calamity James
  4. To The Door
  5. Satan, Luella & I
  6. Mikey's Song
  7. Why?
  8. 149 (feat. Tallulah Eden)
  9. Joanna
  10. Where's Joanna?
  11. Death Drive
  12. Nobody Stays In Love
  13. MMXX A.D.
  14. Blank Slate
  15. War Is Looming

Live dates:
  • 02/10 Rough Trade East - London, UK
  • 02/13 Arts Club - Liverpool, UK
  • 02/14 Nice N Sleazy- Glasgow, UK
  • 02/15 Opium - Edinburgh, UK
  • 02/16 Sunflower Lounge - Birmingham, UK
  • 02/18 The Sound House - Dublin, Ireland
  • 02/19 Yes - Manchester, UK
  • 02/20 Lafayette - London, UK
  • 02/21 Exchange - Bristol, UK
  • 02/24 Badaboum - Paris, France
  • 02/25 Botanique - Brussels, Belgium
  • 02/27 Paradiso - Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 02/28 Urban Spree - Berlin, German
  • 02/29 Slot - Hamburg, Germany
  • 03/13-22 SXSW - Austin, TX

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