January 28, 2020

HCTF premiere - MUUK: Black Lodge

Art rock band MUUK do things differently, or more accurately, not giving a fuck about genres or niches. Based in Mexico City the quintet have been changing it up since they were founded in 2013. Their new album Balbuceo will be released in February. The lead single Black Lodge is a fuzzy trip, with radio static leading into a freaky post-rock journey, with Krautrock a la Can in their Future Days fase. They defy categorisation, but for what's it's worth labeling them as adventurous neo-psych space rock might do.

Emiliano Baena: bass
JC Guerrero: beats and samples
Ls Rodriguez: electric guitar
Omar Carapia: synths
Erre Guevara: drums

Balbuceo will be released via Devil in the Woods. Release date: February 21st.

Live dates:

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