January 31, 2020

Ella van der Woude: Sol Mineur

Swiss-Dutch composer Ella van der Woude let her fingers take over for Sol Mineur, the second single from her Solo Piano. If the sonorities felt right she took it from there. Adding her gentle but firm touch once more she explores every nook cranny of the G minor scale. It was Mozart's go-to scale when he wanted his music to sound sad and it still does the trick in the 21st century. The main theme of Van der Woude's album is saying goodbye to her tiny and cozy place of residence in Amsterdam and it works like a charm for this track.

The video was shot in Switzerland by Pierre Daendliker and Lea Favre.

Sol Mineur is released via Snowstar Records. Her Solo Piano album (vinyl, CD, digital) is available for pre-order. Release date: February 14.

» ellavanderwoude.com

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