December 03, 2019

Jay Gordon and Blues Venom: Slide Rules!

Guitarist Jay Gordon loves to play slide - he is almost obsessed with it. His latest album with his trusty cohorts Bluers Venom is called Slide Rules! and it does what it says on the cover: howling like a banshee. Gordon is not subtle like Derek Trucks or Sturgis Nikides, but loud like his hero Johnny Winter: in-your-face chord progressions while he tells tales of darkness, booze, pain and feeling lost.

Loud electric blues fell off the mainstream radar a couple of decades ago - with Joe Bonamassa as the token poster boy, but as a genre it is still thriving in smalle clubs and bars, enabling acts like Jay Gordon and Blues Venom to keep playing and recording. Slide Rules! caters to converted and there is nothing wrong with that.

Jay Gordon and Blues Venom:
Jay Gordon: guitar, vocals
Sharon Butcher: bass, vocals
Harlan Spector: keys
Rich Lambert: drums

Slide Rules! is a self-released album. Buy it (pay-what-you-want) from CD Baby.

  1. Dripping Blues
  2. Pain
  3. Lost in Time
  4. Lucky 13
  5. Dockery's Plantation
  6. Stranger Blues
  7. Voodoo Boogie
  8. El Diablos Blues
  9. Travelin' Riverside Blues
  10. Pure Grain Alcohol
  11. Six String Outlaw
  12. Sweetheart Blues
  13. Train Train


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