November 17, 2019

Organised Scum: One Less Bastard EP

London based jazzy pop band Organised Scum take umbrage at the powers that be on their new \One Less Bastard EP. Lyrically they come out swinging (and mostly connecting), on top of a wild amalgam of influences that send the listeners back to his collection to check to check the nods, teases and references. It's danceable at times, frustrating and even baffling.

They are singing about the climate crisis (Green Deal and Heatmap), absurdist theater as a bluepoint for Trump and Johnson. and the lack of affordable housing (New Slums In The Sky). These guys are serious and have captured their wrath in skewed pop anthems that hit their audiences over the head in a good way.

Organised Scum:
Tom Duggins: guitars, vocals
Tom Williams: bass
Sean Canty: drums

One Less Bastard is released thru Kaleidoscope.

  1. Green Deal
  2. Heatmap
  3. Skin Up There
  4. New Slums In The Sky


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