November 02, 2019

Cybernetic Witch Cult: rig rundown videos

Cornwall's finest doom rock trio Cybernetic Witch Cult have posted rig rundown videos to shed some light on the process of creating their sound in the studio and on stage. And yes, some of it is hardly ever used at all, but is just fun to have. Wwtch bass player Doug MacKinnon drummer, Lewis May and guitarist Alex Wyld rave and rant about their tools of trade.

Their new album Absurdum ad Nauseam will be released on December 6 and is available for pre-order.

UK live dates:
  • 11/02 London @ The Unicorn Camden Live
  • 11/30 Yeovil @ Railway Hotel
  • 12/14 London @ The Black Heart


HCTF review of Troglodithic Trip.

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