October 11, 2019

The Persian Leaps: Electrical Living

Power-pop band The Persian Leaps are no longer an actual performing unit, but have turned into a two-man studio project. Drew Forsberg and John Hunt hit the ground running with the full-length Electrical Living, 11 songs about a future that never happened. Back in the late Fifties and early Sixties "electrical" was a buzz word that whispered about a promised land in TechniColor, the culmination of the American Dream before reality sank in.

Forsberg pokes fun at the naivety of those days, but there is also longing for a more innocent age. The music has a definite retro vibe with songs about cats, new albums, longing and sweet nothings. It is all done in excellent taste, with crunchy guitars, spot on vocals, and a minimum of studio trickery.

Electrical Living is released via Land Ski Records.

  1. The Art Form
  2. Catnip for Cupid
  3. Expert Witness
  4. Sweet Nothings
  5. About Your Record
  6. How We Win
  7. The Problem Is
  8. Take Me to the Mountain
  9. Chalk Line Behemoth
  10. When Can I See You?
  11. Dominoes

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