October 12, 2019

The Gerbils: Are You Sleepy?

Indie rockers The Gerbils were part of the extended Elephant 6 family, a collective that gave birth to bands like Elf Power and Neutral Milk Hotel. Two members of the latter - Scott Spillane and John d'Azzo and were also part of the Athens, GA band. They released two albums and called it quits after guitarist Will Westbrook died in 2006. Both Are You Sleepy? and The Battle of Electricity became cult favourites. To celebrate its the 21st anniversary their debut is reissued on vinyl.

With its decidedly lo-fi sound and unusual instruments it is wild ride through both familiar and uncharted territories. Penny Waits is oddball bubblegum pop for music geeks. Walnuts is deliberately out of key and can be added to a playlist to get rid of visitors overstaying their welcome. Are You Sleepy? is an album that grates and purrs, not giving a fuck if people will like it or not.

The Gerbils:
Scott Spillane: vocals, guitar, bass
Will Westbrook: vocals, guitars, crystal calibrator, tape manipulation, bells
Jeremy Barnes: drums, vocals
John d'Azzo: vocals, guitar, bass, piano, air organ, drums

Are You Sleepy? is released via Elephant 6 Recording Co (vinyl, digital).

  1. Sunshine Soul
  2. Is She Fiona
  3. Crayon Box
  4. Penny Waits
  5. Fluid
  6. Wet Host
  7. Glue
  8. Ted Doesn't Mind
  9. Walnuts
  10. Lead
  11. Grin

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