October 31, 2019

The Bullfight: Eggs & Marrowbone

Murder has been a major source of fascination and inspiration for artists. It's wrong, it's gruesome, but somehow it's impossible to look away. Rotterdam based folk noir band The Bullfight send out invitations to submit paintings and drawings for their Eggs & Marrowbone -The art of the Murder Ballad multimedia project: an exposition, a book and a soundtrack, with ten brand new compositions about murder.

A good murder ballad is scary yet captivating, keeping the listener rooting both the victim and the perpetrator. The band's resident multi-instrumentalist Thomas van der Vliet wrote all the music, talking cues from the Nick Cave Lying in Your Arms nods to his classic The Mercy Seat and the Jazz Age (The Ballad of Aurely). Singer Nick Verhoeven's dark timbre is a perfect match for delivering the words he wrote. Violin player Esther Vroegindewei, can lift the mood and add an extra layer of despair.

It is a beautiful piece a work about something that is wrong, but undeniably very much an integral part of the human psyche. The Bullfight knows this and did not look away. This kind of horror is very real an while most people would freeze int he face of it, they turned into something memorable that can be enjoyed in the safe surroundings of a home or concert venue. Eggs & Marrowbone fully deserves a to be included in Graeme Thomson excellent book I Shot a Man in Reno, should he choose to update his study.

The Bullfight:
André van den Hoek: drums, percussion
Eddie Kuijpers: double bass
Nick Verhoeven: vocals
Tim Moerkerken: Rhodes
Thomas van der Vliet: guitar, Glockenspiel, optigan, samples
Esther Vroegindeweij: violin

Eggs & Marrowbone will be released on November 7th via Brandy Alexander Recordings: book + CD + red coloured 180 gram red vinyl or book + CD. The book features the work of 100+ artists, with expositions in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. All art can be seen at the themurderballad.com website. And some of it is still for sale.

  1. Lullaby
  2. Doomsday Prepping
  3. Lying in Your Arms
  4. Alexander!
  5. The Ballad of Aurely
  6. Therefore I Run
  7. The Supergrinder
  8. The Lamenteer
  9. The Hazeldonk Shuffle
  10. Eggs & Marrowbone

Live dates:
  • 11/07 Rotterdam @ Rotown (album release show)
  • 11/09 Rotterdam @ Donner - expo start
  • 11/10 Egmond a/d Hoef @ H. Overslot
  • 11/16 Amsterdam @ Concerto (in-store)
  • 11/16 Amsterdam @ De Nieuwe Anita
  • 11/22 Capelle ad IJssel @ Capsloc
  • 11/24 Leiden @ Galeriecafe Leidse Lente
  • 12/06 Haarlem @ Patronaat
  • 12/13 Delft @ Rietveld Theater
  • 12/15 Den Haag @ Paard
  • 12/21 Rotterdam @ Kopisoesoe

» thebullfight.nl
» themurderballad.com

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