October 24, 2019

Stars On Fire: Songs for the Summer

Cristoph Mark proves that he did not get lucky with the first EP of his one-man project Stars On Fire. The follow-up Songs for the Summer is a bit more fuzzy, with a Jesus and The Mary Chain lite vibe, and the vocals bring back the aloof delivery of LLoyd Cole.

Mark keeps it deceptively simple, with a poppy melody riding on top of a meandering guitar part. The instrumental Summertime offers a glimpse of his working method, stacking the various instruments in a way that is not exactly seamless, but those little discrepancies only add to the charm and feel of his handiwork.

Songs for the Summer is released via Emma’s House Records (CD) and Galaxy Train (cassette). Release date: October 25th.

  1. I Need Nobody (that's you)
  2. Salty Kiss
  3. Summertime (instrumental)
  4. Late

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