October 06, 2019

Portico Quartet: Memory Stream

English jazz outfit Portico Quartet keep up their high standard on their new album Memory Stream, exploring electronics and minimalism to end up with an almost ambient vibe. The fluidity of the music is uncanny, almost hypnotic. They can invoke a whole world with only a couple of choice notes.

They explore every nook and cranny of their compositions, repeating motifs for prolonged times or abandoning them within the space of a couple of bars. Memory Stream solves the problem of what to play after Radiohead's Kid A. It is a collection of adventurous, gentle avant-garde that keeps lingering inside the listener's head long after the record has ended. Play it is as a whole and make sure that the "do not disturb" sign is up.

Memory Stream is released via Gondwana Records (vinyl, CD, digital).

  1. With, Beside, Against
  2. Signals in the Dusk
  3. Gradient
  4. Ways of Seeing
  5. Memory Palace
  6. Offset
  7. Dissident Gardens
  8. Double Helix
  9. Immediately Visible

Live dates:
  • 10/23 Paris, France @ La Gaîté Lyrique
  • 10/24 Annecy, France @ New Jazz
  • 11/01 Norwich, UK @ Norwich Arts Centre
  • 11/02 London, UK @ Barbican Centre
  • 11/06 Manchester, UK @ Gorilla
  • 11/07 Bristol, UK @ Trinity Centre
  • 11/08 Gateshead, UK @ Sage Gateshead
  • 11/09 Glasgow, UK @ The Glasgow School Of Art
  • 11/13 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Super Sonic Jazz
  • 11/15 Vilnius, Lithuania @ Mama Jazz
  • 11/21 Antwerpen, Belgium @ The Roma
  • 11/22 Dublin, Ireland @ The Sugar Club
  • 11/27 Berlin, Germany @ Heimathafen
  • 01/15 Brussel, Belgium @ Flagey

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