October 07, 2019

Magnapop: The Circle Is Round

With the release of their sixth studio album The Circle Is Round Atlanta's veteran indie rockers Magnapop have come full circle. It's their first album with the original line-up since Hot Boving (1994). Singer Linda Hopper and guitarist Ruthie Morris never really let go and kept at it with a wide array of rhythm sections, despite legal hassles such as the unexpected end of the rock division of their record label in 1997. Now, with the return of drummer David McNair and bass player Shannon Mulvaney all the elements are back in place for their unique version of melodic garage rock.

They never made it big in the States, but they built a dedicated cult fan base in The Netherlands, Belgium, and the UK, playing the club circuit and getting rave reviews. The Circle Is Round will be embraced by fans of The Breeders and anyone with a craving for cool female fronted alt-rock. Their succinct bursts of joy and anger are an ode to the concise punk song, getting to point within 3 minutes or less.

Linda Hopper: vocals
David McNair: drums
Ruthie Morris: guitar, vocals
Shannon Mulvaney: bass, vocals

The Circle Is Round is released via Happy Happy Birthday to Me records (vinyl, CD).

  1. Dog On The Door
  2. Change Your Hair
  3. A Simple Plan
  4. Super Size Me
  5. Need To Change
  6. What Can I Do?
  7. Rain Rain
  8. Disabled
  9. Rip The Wreck
  10. Leo (demo)
  11. Pretty Awful (demo)

Live dates:
  • 10/25 Atlanta, GA @ Club 529 East Atlanta Village
  • 01/18 Decatur, GA @ Vista Room

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