October 04, 2019

Lexytron: "Couples" video

Watch the new Lexytron video for Couples. She used footage from the classic silent movie The Cook, directed by Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle and featuring Buster Keaton and Al St. John. "Couples can be a tiresome for those who are going it alone and it gets under her skin in a big way: "The sound of your own feet as you're walking down the street, you're hearing couples // Couples kissing on the metro, say 'I miss you' or won't let go, you see couples // The vision of division is reminding you that you should see it double // The bakery has a birthday cake with two birds on the top and they're a couple"."

Couples will be released on October 25. Download it from Bandcamp.

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HCTF review of Couples.

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