October 09, 2019

HCTF premiere - Joy Cleaner: Dramatization

Fuzzy power pop trio Joy Cleaner keep it simple on their new single Dramatization from their upcoming album You're So Jaded, a rambling lo-fi track about being stuck, with zero changes of things getting better in the near future.

They have a good ear for catchy hooks that hark back to the hey-day of college rock. The Bloomington, NJ based band have honed their skills on the road and producer Josh Evensen (Where Is My Spaceship) did a fine job in capturing their raw on stage sound.

You're So Jaded will be released via Jigsaw Records on November 8th.

Joy Cleaner:
Joey DeGroot; guitar, vocals
Kyle Wilkerson: bass, vocals
Justin Grabosky: drums

Live dates:
  • 11/07 Jersy City, MJ @ Pet Shop
  • 11/08 Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds
  • 11/09 Pittsburgh, PA @ Government Center
  • 11/10 Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class
  • 11/11 Bloomington, IN @ Blockhouse
  • 11/12 Chattabooga, IN @ The Spot
  • 11/13 Athens, GA @ Flicker
  • 11/14 Winstom-Salem, NC @ Monstercade
  • 11/15 Williamsburg, VA @ Meridian Coffee House
  • 11/16 Washington, DC @ DIVE Bar

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