October 14, 2019

Christians & Lions: Young Familiar

Dreamfolk collective Christians & Lions have been at it for 15 years, catering to the cognoscenti with a slew of self-released albums. Their latest is called Young Familiar (their first in 10 years) and once again the Providence, RI based band delivers a batch of songs about the occult, Russian folk handicraft, radical politics, and queerness.

Young Familiar digs deep at a leisurely pace. It's an intricate mix of folk-tinged vaudeville, sounding like a band that played in small theaters in the Forties, with a few West Coast pop melodies thrown in. They are all about storytelling, relying almost exclusively on acoustic instruments to get the message across.

Christians & Lions:
Ben Potrykus: vocals, guitar, organ, synth banjo, saw, programming
Chris Barrett: trumpet, euphonium
Chris D’Amore: upright bass
Chris Mara: drums, percussion
Dan Thorn: keyboards
Erica Sutherland: vocals
Fiona Wood: violin
Gregory Tellier: electric guitar solo
James Weinberg: accordion
Miriam Lee: viola
Sara Honeywell: trombone

Young Familiar is a self-released album. Buy it from their website.

  1. Changeling
  2. Tell the Keeper
  3. Is To As Are To
  4. Professional Medium
  5. Lucky Ghost
  6. City of Sunken Bells
  7. Palekh
  8. The Swailing
  9. Tender Offer
  10. Something On Your Mind
  11. Names of the Hare
  12. Wild Shade

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