September 03, 2019

Yip Man of Scotland: Pure Zen, Ken?

Yip Man of Scotland, alter ego of Al Nero, sings about fears and uncertainties on his new album Pure Zen, Ken?, while trying to have fun no matter what. Suffering sucks, but not be able to laugh is even worse and Nero offers an eclectic array of possible cures to deal with mishaps. Whether it is a Disco Ball to shed some light or dabbling in unlikely chores such as Weighing a Pig, he comes out on top most of time.

Pure Zen, Ken? celebrates eccentricity, with musical nods to the Kinks, XTC, and Madness. His nasal delivery gives the songs the tongue-in-cheek detachment a la Neil Innes. The against all odds rocker Here Comes The Feelings and the poppy sadness of Aye Peckin' should earn him some long overdue airplay.

Pure Zen, Ken? will be released via Armellodie Records (vinyl, CD, digital). Release date: September 6.

  1. Suffer More
  2. Trying Not To Get Caught Out
  3. Tremors
  4. Pure Zen, Ken?
  5. Disco Ball
  6. A Lesson Learned
  7. Aye Peckin'
  8. Here Comes The Feelings
  9. Better Man
  10. Weighing a Pig
  11. My Lucky Stars
  12. You Matter

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