September 19, 2019

The Petals: Seven Stops

photos: Luke Shannon

Pittsburgh based indie-rock group The Petals go through various moods on their latest album Seven Stops, with power pop and post-rock as the main ports of call. They are a band that goes with the flow, changing the tempo whenever they see fit. The vocals are a bit rushed at times, especially during Pinhead, a song that could have been a long lost Jonathan Richman track.

Searching for hidden meanings, both real and imaginary, is what drives them. In Quiet Down an answer is almost tangible, only to slips away again, leaving them flustered. With their for amalgam of noise and gentle pop The Petals have created a string of closely linked songs about doubt and trying to let go. The plea in Nyugalom to "Disengage wherever your are" sums it all up.

The Petals:
Aaron Sheedy: guitar, vocals
Michael Heitzenrater: guitar
Daniel Grushecky: bass, violin
Colin Humphrey: drums

Seven Stops is a self-released album. Buy it (vinyl, digital) from their website.

  1. So Let Me In, So Let Me Go
  2. Mercy Kill
  3. Quiet Down
  4. A Feeling
  5. Nyugalom
  6. Pinhead
  7. I Heard They Found You


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