September 07, 2019

Like Lovers: Everything All The Time Forever

German multi-instrumentalist and producer Jan Kerscher is like a kid in a candy store with his Like Lovers project. There is so much going on his debut album Everything All The Time Forever that the songs come close to being smothered in electronics sometimes. His high-pitched voice however is always there, as a pop guide from the Eighties. Kerscher is brimming with ideas - and most them are quite good actually. A bit of "less is more" wouldn't have hurt. He is an explorer who sometimes forgets to take notes (pun not intended).

Getting in touch with a musician and producer like Steven Wilson might help to transfer his mix of adventurous and mainstream music to a more coherent album. This interesting, but uneven, first release will make some waves and in the future might be considered as a first glimpse as a hit-and-miss work of an original artist.

Everything All The Time Forever is released via Ghost City Recordings and Listen Records.

  1. Everything All the Time Forever
  2. People Shaped Mirrors
  3. Levitation
  4. Infinite
  5. Am I Still Here?
  6. I Float on Your Love
  7. Gone
  8. Something Else
  9. Health
  10. Fall
  11. Alive

Live dates:
  • 10/09 Frankfurt, Germany @ The Cave
  • 10/11 Nuremberg, Germany @ Nuremberg Pop Festival
  • 10/11 Luxembourg, Luxembourg @ De Gudde Wellen
  • 10/13 Mannheim, Germany @ Peer 23
  • 10/14 Munich, Germany @ Heppel und Ettlich
  • 10/16 Jena, Germany @ Trafo
  • 10/17 Berlin, Germany @ Badehaus Berlin
  • 10/18 Hamburg, Germany @ Hebebühne
  • 10/19 Moers, Germany @ Kulturzentrum Bollwerk 107
  • 01/28 Darmstadt, Germany @ Schlosskeller
  • 01/29 Stuttgart, Germany @ Juha West
  • 01/31 Göttingen, Germany @ Norgelbuff
  • 02/01 Celle, Germany @ MS Loretta
  • 02/03 Würzburg, Germany @ Jugendkulturhaus Cairo
  • 02/04 Mainz, Germany @ Kulturclub Schon Schön
  • 02/05 Neunkirchen, Germany @ Stummsche Reithalle


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