July 09, 2019

Todd Tobias: "Circus Devils: See You Inside" book in September

Dutch indie label Tiny Room Records enters the world of book publishing with Circus Devils: See You Inside. Written by Todd Toabias the book documents the 14 full-length albums released by the Ohio freak-rock trio founded by Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices):

In October 2018, Jeremy St James and Johnny Savely set up the listening party series ‘Discussions in the Cave’ in the Guided By Voices facebook group. All Circus Devils’ albums were being discussed, while the people in the group listened to one of the 14 records from A to Z. Band member Todd Tobias provided notes of his reflections on the music. This led to a book about the psych rock formation, their albums, and his own history of making music. The book offers a personal glimpse into the band’s playfully dark, psychedelic world.

‘Circus Devils: See You Inside’ existed in PDF form for a while, and we are so happy to announce there is going to be a physical version of the book as well! The text and images have been updated by Todd. David Crunelle did the beautiful design. It’s a 204 pages book, full colour, A5 format, softcover. Limited edition of 50 to start with. The price is € 25 (= $28), which includes worldwide shipping!

Circus Devils: See You Inside is available for pre-order. The book will be published in September.

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