July 25, 2019

Split Screens: Need From Me

Californian project Split Screens is a recording outlet for Jesse Cafiero. As a multi-instrumentalist he can lay down the framework and quite a bit of the embellishments for his dreamy pop songs, but he can tap into the circle of his friends if he needs a particular skill and/or instrument. His latest single is called Need From Me, a melancholic song that gets a lift from Geneva Harrison (Bells Atlas) on vibraphone, and the in-the-pocket drums courtesy of Rory O'Connor (Tycho).

Soft, smart, with no sign of the dreaded brick walling, make this single essential listening for the serious music geek. People outside that niche can enjoy as a chill-out tune.

Split Screens:
Jesse Cafiero: vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, flute, mellotron, synths
Phil Pristia: electric guitar
Geneva Harrison: vibraphone
Rory O'Connor: drums, percussion

Need From Me is a track from his upcoming EP Everyday Static. Buy it from his website.

» splitscreensmusic.com

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