July 01, 2019

Silversun Pickups: Widow’s Weeds

Los Angeles based alternative rock band Silversun Pickups have embraced safe AOR on their new album Widow’s Weeds, supposedly a highly personal bunch of songs, but it doesn't help to keep using like "crying" or "believe" ad nauseam to get message of dread and grief across. The same goes for going through the dumpsters of Depeche Mode for some unused electro-pop tidbits. Producer Butch Vig must have been fast asleep in his producer's seat during the recording sessions.

Widow’s Weeds breaks number one of making music: "Thou shall not bore the listener to tears". These shoegazers should look up for a change. Stop whining and toss out the fucking rhyming dictionary.

Widow’s Weeds is released via New Machine Recordings.

  1. Neon Wound
  2. It Doesn’t Matter Why
  3. Freakazoid
  4. Don’t Know Yet
  5. Straw Man
  6. Bag Of Bones
  7. Widow’s Weeds
  8. Songbirds
  9. Simpatico
  10. We Are Chameleons

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