July 18, 2019

mtf8: Rebirth

NYC Gothic rock act mtf8 came out of hibernation with the release of the splendid single The Smile, a stand-alone front-runner for an EP trilogy. The frist one, Rebirth finds him blinding a the daylight and being a little scared as well. the bad stuf that drove him into hiding is still lingering in his mind, but his unspecified fears are now under control. He now has the ability to turn weaknesses into strengths.

The heavy-handed Eighties sound of bands like the Sisters of Mercy and Bowie in Berlin phase are obviously a huge sources of inspiration, with NYC go-to shoegaze musician and producer Charlie Nieland having his back. They are already working on the next one. a decade of forced silence has ended and all those ent-up energy can't wait to be used.

Rebirth is a self-released EP. Buy it from his website. On a side note: The Secret (Prelude was intended to be a hidden track, something that Bandcamp algorithms do not understand or allow, so he named it after all. A full version wil surface on the third and final EP of the series.

  1. Rebirth / Regress
  2. Imperfection
  3. Grotesque
  4. The Things I've Never Seen
  5. Scars
  6. Grotesque (Drowning Deeper)
  7. The Secret (Prelude)

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