July 08, 2019

Billie Williams: Hell to Pay

NYC singer Billie Williams wears her heart on her sleeve on her new album Hell to Pay, an amalgam of blues, rock, funk and soul. She gets rightfully angry about the dirt brought to light by the #MeToo movement in the title track, tackles a bad breakup (Damn) and finds hope inspiration after she joined the Women's March in Washington in 2017 (Ten Million Sisters).

All anger and politics aside she is powerful singer, who can bring the house down and commandeer the spotlights amidst the members of her kick-ass band. Hell to Pay is entertainment with a message. She doesn't take shit from anybody, but she knows damn well that, in order to get people to listen to the words, getting them to dance and singalong as well is a sure fire recipe to capture their attention.

Hell to Pay is a self-released album. Buy it from her website. Release date: July 19th.

  1. Damn
  2. Cold November
  3. Start All Over
  4. You
  5. Hell to Pay
  6. Hour by Hour
  7. Drink From My Cup
  8. Lost in the Wilderness
  9. My Everything
  10. Take These Dreams
  11. Ten Million Sisters

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