June 24, 2019

Women of the Night: Pastel Colors

NYC rock trio Women of the Night covers both sides of the coin on their new album Pastel Colors, with the two sides reflecting light and shade, joy and sadness, and hot and cold. Jordan D’Arsie, the band's resident songwriter, has a sharp eyes for his surroundings and with his in the pocket band mates Kyubae Lee and Grey Watson he turned the songs in rough-edged garage rock with a psychedelic twist.

The big city can be a scary place, but it also a fertile environment for streetwise poets/singers like Jim Carroll and the greatest of them all in this genre, Lou Reed. Women of the Night follow their footsteps, but are confident enough to find their own way. They a bunch of roving reporters telling stories about love, despair, crooks, and brain-dead tv shows. This is the kind of living that is never mentioned in advertising. Pastel Colors is an ironic title for album about reality that is bleak and gray.

Women of the Night:
Jordan D’Arsie: guitar, vocals
Kyubae Lee: drums
Grey Watson: bass

Pastel Colors is released via Manic Records (cassette, digital).

  1. I Am Well And Missing You
  2. Pastel Colors
  3. White Lighter
  4. Moscow Mansions
  5. Leather Glove
  6. Brighton Beach
  7. Be Careful What You Wish For
  8. I Couldn't Fool Them
  9. Quiet Nights
  10. Regular Day
  11. Used Car Salesman
  12. Bad Tee Vee
  13. Like People Whistling

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