June 30, 2019

Waterstrider: Way Out

photo: Gabriella Hernandez

Singer Nate Salman turns vulnerability into strength on his new Way Out EP of his Waterstrider project. Preceded by the Weaker On and Way Out singles this small collection of songs is journey to his inner self, a means to escape from being trapped (In Circles) and come out on top in the end (Breed).

His falsetto hovers above blend of triphop and soul, shooing away his demons in a soft buy=t firm stage whisper. Salman has found a way to cope through his music, making Way Out a deeply personal release with a message that might help others as well.

Way Out is released via 30th Century Records. Buy it from the usual digital outlets.

  1. Weaker One
  2. Constant
  3. In Circles
  4. Way Out
  5. Breed

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