June 19, 2019

Veecaten: Shoals

Dutch indie duo Veecaten have recorded a water themed debut EP. Shoals, a large number of fish swimming together, reminisces about drowned settlements and neverending power of the tides. Two of the tracks were inspired by places that were overrun by water: Veecaten, a village in Holland after which they named themselves, and Koresand, now just a sand bank in the Danish part of the Wadden Sea, were deserted a long time ago.

It took Lukas Dikker and Johan Kooi quite some time to finish the tracks - they are in demand producers and sidemen in the Dutch indie scene - but the EP sounds like it was recorded in a flow of true inspiration. They played all the instruments themselves, with the notable exception of saxophonist Eddie Visser, whose tone is instantly recognizable in the short instrumental Coral Express and the jazzy Tide Over. Shoals is a carefully polished gem, leaving the listener wanting to hear more.

Shoals is a self-released EP. Buy it (CD, digital) from their website. Release date: June 21.

  1. Veecaten
  2. Coral Express
  3. Tide Over
  4. Koresand
  5. How To Drown Without Being Found

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