June 04, 2019

Ubiquitous Meh!: SouthWay Gothic

Luke Richards of freak folk punk outfit Zapoppin' has released a flurry of solo albums with his solo project Ubiquitous Meh!, playing synthesizers, organ, drum machine as well stepping up to the mike for some off-kilter singing. His latest is called SouthWay Gothic. It's an exercise in some weird primal scream therapy by repeating It's Just Like Real Life over and over again, but also lo-fi tribute to early Depeche Mode with the catchy Race Against Rockism.

He walks the tightrope between avant-garde and electro-pop> For lack of better term DIY prog New Wave will have to do, with the Have You Been To The Fair? as a serious contender for underground dance parties - think Mike Oldfield after being exposed to Gang of Four records for quite some time.

SouthWay Gothic is a self-released album. Buy it (CD, cassette, name-your-price digital) from his website.

  1. My Excuse
  2. We Are The Funeral Band!
  3. It's Just Like Real Life
  4. Race Against Rockism
  5. Have You Been To The Fair?
  6. SouthWay
  7. My Love Is Viscous

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