June 20, 2019

The Sorry Kisses: Life's An Illusion

The Sorry Kisses, an UK/US indie pop trio, have reunited for their fifth studio album Life's An Illusion. With their drummer Micah Calabrese still in the States Hayley Hutchinson and guitarist Sam Forrest started the recording process in their home studio in North Yorkshire. With more work done in The Cave Studio in Los Angeles the album is truly a best of both worlds release. They mixed English pastoral pop (New Address) with West Coast melodies (Play It Cool. Now That You're Dreaming) and a bit of rock (One Is One). Stand-out tracks are the quirky title track and stop-and-start psychedelic trickery in Bad Connection and lead single City Rhythm.

Life's An Illusion will sit comfortably next to albums by the Sundays and the Bangles. There are monsters besides the unicorns and rainbows and with two-thirds of Englishness in the band a Hollywood ending is not a given. Recommended if you like happy-sad music after a bad day.

The Sorry Kisses:
Hayley Hutchinson: vocals, guitar
Sam Forrest: guitar, vocals, synths
Micah Calabrese: drums

Life's An Illusion is released via Desert Mine Music. Release date: June 28.

  1. City Rhythm
  2. It's A Killer
  3. Life's An Illusion
  4. Play It Cool
  5. New Address
  6. Bad Connection
  7. Now That You're Dreaming
  8. One Is One
  9. See Her Fall
  10. Waiting For Nothing

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