June 20, 2019

The Rev: El Diablo EP

Outlaw country rockers The Rev made their mark with two great singles - El Diablo and Whiskey Rebellion - and now are ready for the next step: a four-track EP with those two tracks and two brand new ones.

Sea Level is a mid-tempo rocker with damn fine guitar work that has late-night jukebox favourite all over it. No wonder they picked this one for their first ever video treatment. Main man and songwriter Eric Meyers has a bit of trouble reaching the high notes in Theory of Everything at first, but he finds his comfort zone and all ends well. The Rev give country rock a much needed kick in the butt, with tons of swagger and lyrics that go far beyond the Moon-June fodder.

The Rev:
Eric Meyers: vocals, rhythm guitar
Frank Monaco: lead guitar
Chris Chambers: drums
John June: bass…
Josh Rozenboom: guitar
Mitchell Leonard: piano, keyboards
Ciera Elizabeth: backing vocals
Sarah Howell: backing vocals

El Diablo is a self-released EP. Buy it from their website.

  1. El Diablo
  2. Whiskey Rebellion
  3. Sea Level
  4. Theory of Everything

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