June 17, 2019

Stars On Fire: Blue Skies Above

Cristoph Mark, a California native now living in Seoul, creates hard to pin down indie music as Stars On Fire. His debut EP Blue Skies Above touches base with shoegaze, college rock, dream pop, noise, and much more. That doesn't 'mean that he is all over the place - in fact the overall mood is quite consistent jangling left-field pop

He has put all his influences into a blender and added some spices to give it a crunchy bite. If you ever wondered what Johnny Marr would sound like after spending way too much in the time in the pub, this is it. Rough, mischievous, and utterly charming stuff.

Blue Skies Above is released via Jigsaw Records (US - CD, digital) and Kocliko Records (EU - CD).

  1. Shutdown
  2. Stuck Somewhere
  3. Model
  4. Blue Skies
  5. Paper Driver
  6. Snowblind

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