June 09, 2019

Ships Fly Up: Ghost Kingdom

Russian multi-instrumentalist Egor Fedotov creates multi-layered, post-rock soundscapes with his on-man project Ships Fly Up. His latest album Ghost Kingdom sounds like a hybrid of Steven Wilson and The Fierce And The Dead, the kind of progressive metal that goes through hills and valleys, light and darkness, with some jaw-dropping guitar shredding as the most obvious selling point.

He knows about tension and release, and the overall mood is bleak - the titles of the tracks are a dead giveaway - Ghost Kingdom paints a picture of a country that is still exists as long as people care to remember it.

Ghost Kingdom is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Ghost Kingdom
  2. About Death
  3. I'm With You
  4. Your Own World
  5. Take My Hand
  6. It Calls
  7. Strange Game
  8. Manifestation
  9. Anomaly

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