June 15, 2019

Flare Voyant: Gotta Gotta b/w Tunes for the Moods

London rock 'n' roll quartet Flare Voyant go for psychedelic glam rock on their new double A-side single, with the Marc Bolan-esque Gotta Gotta and the slow burner Tunes for the Moods, a superb tongue-in cheek streaming basher. They use the vocals as the anchoring point, with multi-leyered intricacies galore in the music itself.

Less is more is not a concept they much attention too, but the songs never feel overcrowded. Prepare yourself for a joyful journey through a maze while trying to find your way by looking to a kaleidoscope. Flare Voyant bring back stylish eccentricity to a gray world in dire need of some colour.

Flare Voyant:
Thomas Baignères: vocals
Rod Bourganos: electric guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Grisha Grigogy: bass
Anthony Paine: drums

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