June 23, 2019

Anil Prasad: "Dear Assholes" an open letter to Spotify employees

Anil Prasad, editor of the in-depth music website Innerviews, has posted an open letter to Spotify employees:

Dear Assholes,

I know more about your business than you do. I am in direct contact with musicians at the highest levels, as well as industry executives that hate every fiber of your beings and all you represent. They have explained everything about your business to me. In particular, I know all about your “social media ops manipulation squad” sent to pepper comments in posts made by people like me revealing the truth about what you are.

Today, I removed multiple fake comments from fake accounts created by Spotify employees or agencies posting on your behalf. The language was VERBATIM what you’ve told my musician friends and industry people. The fact that you don’t have the balls to post as yourselves speaks volumes about the pernicious bullshit and lies you spew. I’m on to you.

I am amused I remain a threat to you. It’s been years. You had your IPO. Your employees make more than six-figures on average, while musicians can barely afford a cup of coffee with their earnings from your service. You won. You came, conquered and decimated the musician ecosystem, destroying countless lives and careers for your own enrichment. I hope you feel proud of yourselves.

Now, what is Innerviews? It is a haven from your insanity. It is where the intelligent, critical and most serious of musicians and aficionados congregate. The Innerviews musician ecosystem is phenomenal and we relay information to one another like my post earlier today. None of us are afraid of you and you will NOT manipulate me or my readers.

I am watching you. I am getting constant information about how you all work. And I will continue telling the truth about you, for the few people interested in the truth.

From the start, I and many musicians have invited you to a real, open debate in public. You have constantly denied those requests. I would love to have the opportunity to speak on behalf of the thousands of musicians I personally know. But no, instead, you resort to military propaganda infiltration tactics. They won’t get you anywhere.

So, honestly, go fuck yourselves and leave me and my readers alone. None of us want anything to do with you.

» innerviews.org

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